Modern Computer Solutions (MCS) was started in part to help owners of computers who are frustrated with their systems not running or running very slow and who don't want to pay an arm and a leg to have it fixed. And dealing with computer superstores can be an overwhelming task. With over 20 years of experience in the computer field, MCS is dedicated to helping educate computer owners so they can make an educated decision about their systems.

MCS will evaluate your system and recommend the best steps to either clean, repair or upgrade your system so that it lives up to your expectations. And in the event your system is too out dated to upgrade or repair MCS will offer recommendations to purchase your new system. Since MCS doesn't sell systems and is not affiliated with any computer manufactures, we feel we can give computer owners an unbiased evaluation of their system. Making sure you fully understand your options is our top priority.

There are many reasons why a computer slows over time. The most common problem is temporary and junk files that are created when using the internet or running, installing or uninstalling programs. Surfing the internet can be the biggest culprit. But Windows itself can be its own enemy. Updates and new versions can zap a computer of its
RAM and its hard drive space. Not to mention the other forces lurking in the background, viruses, spyware and malware can sometimes make the system unusable or very slow. By cleaning the system of these useless files it frees necessary resources your system needs to run multiple programs or just surf the internet.

Even new computers can benefit from a good system cleaning. New systems often come with free trial programs. Programs that are free for a limited time. Often they take up valuable disk space and park themselves on your desktop.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.  Is my system worth fixing?

A.  In this throw away society some people are quick to tell you no, it's not worth it, just buy a new one. Usually it's the     major retail stores or a friend who thinks he knows computers. Unless the computer is over four years old there may be ways of upgrading your system. MCS can evaluate your system and give you options to upgrade or if you need a new system give you the knowledge to purchase a new one.

Q.  What upgrades can be done to speed up my computer?

A.  There are a couple upgrades that add life to an older machine. One of the simplest and possibly least expensive things to do is add RAM. Most systems, especially older ones came with 512
MB (megabytes) but may be expandable to 2-3G (gigabyte). A system adding the maximum RAM would notice an improvement over a system running a standard 512MB.

Q. I think I have a virus, what can I do to get rid of it and prevent this in the future?

A. First, you may not have a virus at all. Second, anti-virus software may not be enough. There are a lot of threats out there. From viruses to malware to spyware, we can do a thorough cleaning of all these types of threats and we'll give you free* software to help clean and prevent these threats in the future.

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